About Us

Established by a number of leading financial institutions and associated groups, Credit & Data Bureau operates in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

Information is available to our members through a sophisticated but user friendly software system, accessed through the internet.

Our principal business is the operation of a Credit Bureau database where members can access the credit history and identify details of their customers.  The Credit Bureau also assists members with debt collection when defaulting debtors are listed on the Credit Bureau.  

Confidentiality of information

While providing a comprehensive database at the fingertips of our members, we are mindful that the data we retain is confidential and personal. We have put in place a highly secured website with the same security setup as those in the e-banking industry. Our users are identified and given a password to allow them access to the information and an audit trail is kept of their access. Through our Code of Conduct, our members are required to obtain authorisation from a consumer before a search is carried out.

Accuracy of information

Accuracy of information is of extreme importance to our members, borrowers and the Credit Bureau. While the Credit Bureau depends on the information provided by our members, we take all possible measures to ensure that the data we store is accurate. Quality control and safety nets are placed in every stage of our operation. The accuracy of credit information is also dependent on correct information supplied by customers to our members.

Compliance Committee

We have stringent measures to safeguard the accuracy of information and our members are governed by a Code of Conduct. However we have a Compliance Committee to ensure that the public has a place go to if anyone is not satisfied with the Bureau’s operations. The Compliance Committee is independent of the Credit Bureau and is expected to be chaired by a retired Supreme Court Judge . The other two members will be prominent PNG citizens.

Management team

  • Manasi Badira

    Acting General Manager

    +675 323 7333


    Manasi has more than 17 years experience in the banking industry and management roles in Papua New Guinea. She was appointed to this role on the 1st of January 2020.

  • Mary Rei-Mou

    Office Supervisor / Systems Officer

    +675 323 7333


    Mary worked in high level Executive Assistant and Administration roles before commencing with CDB in 2008. Contact Mary for accounts enquiries as well as database support and administration issues.

  • Manasi Badira

    Business development, database support and training

    +675 3237333


    Manasi has broad and successful experience in commercial banking. This is valuable background for her role in business development, database support and training.

  • Henao Frank

    Front desk enquiries and database maintenance



    Henao fields initial enquiries and checks accuracy of data entry. Front desk enquiries and database maintenance

  • Nancy Hahane

    Data Entry Operator

    675 323 7333


    Nancy recently joined us early 2019. She assists with initial enquiries, checks accuracy of data entry and database maintenance.